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Empowering Nonprofits, Amplifying Impact

We’re here to help leverage the power of CRM systems, integrated tools, and efficient workflows for nonprofit teams. We work closely with you to improve on areas like fundraising and programming data, workflow efficiency, and change management.

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Our Why

At Mata Consulting, we understand the unique challenges leaders in nonprofit organizations face. We are here to partner with you to overcome CRM, technology, and operations related challenges so that every organization can execute and deliver on their goals.

Our expertise in CRM databases, operations, and project management allows us to optimize data usage and tooling, enhance decision-making, and increase overall efficiency. Let us help you optimize your systems and workflows to drive success.

Start Your Journey


1. Talk With Us

Share your pain points and vision for your team while we listen to understand your current systems and challenges


2. Assess & Strategize

We will analyze data, and evaluate the current system infrastructure to devise a comprehensive strategy for optimization.


3. Streamline & Implement

We will execute on our plan of action to optimize systems and processes and integrate tools based on needs.


4. Integrate & Train

Collaborate with your team to deliver comprehensive training on the new database systems and workflows, optimizing the CRM system to meet specific organizational needs


5. Execute

Continue improving outcomes, upgrading systems and processes, and building onto your data foundation

Benefits of Using Our Services

Maximize Data Usage and Efficiency

With our CRM database expertise, we help you maximize system usage, enhance data insight and strategic decision-making, and boost overall team efficiency. By automating reports, implementing donor and grant management best practices, and optimizing your CRM and integrated tools, we save you time and money while ensuring the potential of your donor data is fully realized and your fundraising goals are met.

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Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs

Our tailored solutions in project management help you streamline operations and reduce costs. We document processes, automate where possible, and implement workflow solutions to solve your toughest operational challenges. By improving efficiency and eliminating inefficiencies, we help you achieve cost savings and optimize resource allocation.

Increase Output and Impact

With our strategic initiative implementation services, we enable you to increase output and impact. We analyze and discover areas of need together, creating action plans tailored to your goals. By implementing strategic solutions and focusing on delivering desired results, we help you achieve sustainable growth and make a meaningful difference.

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Tangible results shared here

"Joe Mata is a connector and systems builder... Our team often referred to Joe as the glue that held the team together. He's a learner that approaches challenges with humility, is open to feedback, and brings a sense of joy and humor all along the way"

Andrew Simmerman
Owner & Consultant,
Andrew Simmerman Consulting

"We needed help finalizing process documentation and creating a system that is useful. Joe worked with us to create a project plan for our entire process. We now have all of the steps in one place, with automated alerts when the upstream task is complete.

Mata Consulting was on target with deliverables, and very professional. We are happy to see progress being made. Joe was a thoughtful, focused, and reliable partner"

Maurice Levitch
President, Levitch
Associates Inc.

"My team is always stronger, efficient, and in good hands with Mata Consulting... Your ROI with Mata Consulting delivers results and peace of mind. I will continue working with Mata Consulting and recommend it to everyone."

Alexia Valencia
Founder & CEO,
Goodness Sake Strategies

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Why should we work with you?

Clients typically experience one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Struggling with obstacles that are holding them back from achieving growth and high profitability
  • Facing challenges to scale data reporting or implementing strategic initiatives across teams
  • Existing business processes are no longer effective, bringing about higher costs, unreliable results, and slower-than-expected output 

Every organization is unique, and because of this we are strategic in our approach

What are your consulting rates?

We are a fixed-price solution provider who believes in adding value to each client and is committed to delivering results. 

We provide cost estimates before beginning any work. We work with clients to understand specific business needs and outline a plan of action and the associated costs to implement those solutions. 

How do we start the conversation?

The purpose of the initial consultation is to share more about us (who we are, why we’re here, and what we do) but more important to hear from you

We can’t solve the problem if we don’t know what’s wrong, and we simply want to be apart of your journey.

We’re here to help

Need help with a project, have a
question about our work? We’re here.

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